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Your photos are your treasures, so take them out of drawers and hard drives and put them in a treasure box.

You can make an album out of friends or give one away as a present!

DIY: Make a Photo Treasure Box


Paper Cut - Rolls

by Anastassia Elias


Call Parade by various artists

An art project involving 100 telephone booths in São Paulo.


skateback-iphone-cases-by-grove …the old skateboard scraps then become groovy cell phone cases at Grove.


Puppy by Jeff Koons

“Puppy” is a curious and innovative piece by Jeff Koons. The sculpture is made of living flowers on top of wood and stainless steel. Perhaps the most intriguing part of piece is that it features an internal irrigation system to keep the beautiful flowers alive. Puppy is a truly original and breathtaking piece of public art.


The Minister’s Treehouse: A 100ft Tall Church Built Over 11 Years without Blueprints

The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee is a 100ft structure built by minister Horace Burgess from the early 1990s through 2004. The entire building wraps around a giant tree and was built completely without blueprints, sprawling to an estimated 10,000 square feet inside, including a four-story swing set. Photographer Kristin Sweeting took arecent trip to the treehouse and took many of the photos above. You can also see more images by Chuck Sutherland who provided the image on top.

[Via thisiscolossal]


Tree of Life by Degree


The German design duo team Lightboys have developed the large-scale Polaboy® frame by taking a Polaroid picture, professionally scanning and enlarging it and then exposing it on special slide film. The image is then framed in a backlit wooden frame. The effect is actually stunning with the warm look of a Polaroid combined with the bright LED technology.

Ed Harrison University of Brighton Graduate Show



“Color Jam”. Multimedia artist Jessica Stockholder’s new installation which covers 76,000 square feet of a downtown Chicago intersection in swaths of color.


The Wander Postcard Project

“We asked some of our favorite illustrators to imagine a postcard from everywhere and nowhere at once. We’re blown away by the results, which we’ll be sharing every day on this blog. We hope you will be too. 

Collect, pin, share, and reblog your favorites. They’re also available to download as high-res iPad or iPhone wallpaper. Don’t be shy, take one for the road.”


If you don’t have electricity or live in a home with no windows, it’s going to be dark inside, even during a sunny day. Luckily, a bottled liter of water with some bleach can provide approximately 55-60 watts of light from the sun. This simple idea has helped many dwellers in the light-deprived slums of the Philippines.  “A Liter of Light” is a sustainable lighting project by Illac Diaz which aims to bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Light to disprivileged communities worldwide.


Modern fossils 


Great work of architects and designers to concept and build tourist routes and architectural rest stops to enhance the experience of the stunning Norwegian landscape.

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